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Rest of the sketches, last manga chapters

July 31st, 2009 (01:37 pm)

Okay, so I bring the rest of the sketches, but first some thoughts about the last manga chapters!

One Piece: Waaaa!! This is getting exciting! At first when I found out who Ace father was I was all like 'can't be....' but now it sound so logical! I wonder what kind of relation is between Gold Roger and Dragon.... Aaaah can't wait to see this fight! And Ace still hasn't noticed that Luffy is there either... well, nobody has XD
But still... I miss the other members of the Mugiwara so much... -_-

Bleach: Vizards at least!! Now just Urahara left to appear. There anyone there that also thinks that Hitsugaya and Hiyori make such a cute little couple? XDD And Barragan can't be defeat even with kidoh?! This doesn't look good.
Still, I was a bit disappointent with the last chapter. Since Hisagi is fighting Tousen now I as expecting some interaction between Gin,  Rangiku and Izuru... not even a word -_-. I know that Rangiku is half-dead and that Izuru is with the protection bakudo but still... guess that we'll have to wait a lil' more, I'm pretty sure that Tite will do something for them, hope so...

Naruto: Ble, Kages meeting... last chapter has been boring for me, and I hate Danzo >.<
Still, Sai's words to Sakura in the last chapter were like 'Oh, GOD! You've just realized now? Stupid girl... ¬¬' Don't get me wrong, I like Sakura, but she's a bit slow sometimes (and the fact that I like NaruHina better doesn't help... XD) But... I love Saaaiii!!! He's growing to know how to demostrate his feeling, though he should shut up at times... XD

Saiyuki: Waaaaa... Still can't believe that is over -_- Can't wait for the new releases.

Tsubasa/xxxHolic/Loveless: Just when are the next chapters coming out?

I think that that's all! XD

Off to the sketches now!

Elements of Time again, mostly for practice

I like this like pic, love the relationship between them ^///^

And now some Bleach fanart (anyone guess the characters? XD)

My scaner was hungry and ate Gin's face lol. To lazy to scan it again