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On parents and new comics

August 23rd, 2009 (04:24 pm)

Yesterday my parents went to Bilbo to see a show which my mother gave my father tickets for on his birthday. When they've returned today they seemed really happy and they said that they have a lot of fun. Then my mother talked to me about how funny was the show and the nice atmosphere of Bilbo where there are on the local holydays now. It was really nice to see them this happy, it's great to now that they too have fun once in a while.

On another note so happy note for my family... my brother got an accident with the bike and cut his leg open... the bound was quite deep so they had to sew it... poor guy ^^'

And now on to something else... The other day I was sleeping and had this strange dream which gave me a nice idea for a new comic or manga! Yeah, I get my ideas from dreams... ¬¬' (probably won't do anything with it like always but I had to try... like always *laughs*

Anyways here are some sketches of the characters designs and a little short comic (which I don't think that would go really in the story but whatever)

I have to warn that the comic will contain some boy love or shonen-ai, even if it won't really be focused on that...


Considering how hard is it for me to find names for my characters these where suprisingly easy...

And now the minicomic:

Sorry that it is in Spanish... doesn't make much sense even if you understand it so yep... ^^'

Also, I have to credit the amazing Pandabaka, here known as   because the page layout is the same as the one he used in one of the pages of her original comic. Sorry for doing it like that Panda-chan, your work is just amazing.