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1sentence challenge Izuru/Rangiku

December 29th, 2009 (12:11 am)

Theme set: Epsilon
Pairing: Kira Izuru/ Matsumoto Rangiku; hints of Gin/Rangiku and Gin/Izuru
Rating: PG: 13?
Warning: angst, character death?, crack pairing (lol)
A/N: as said, strong hints of GinRan and GinKira, I love this three and the relationship between them >////<. Anyways, my first time writing something like this in English... tell me if you find any mistakes. You may have to think for some of the sentence and others may have more than one interpretation XD

Written for


01-  Motion: The motion of the up and fall of his chest is enough to get her to sleep.

Cool: The thing that she enjoys most about him is that he doesn’t seem to have that need to put on that cool façade that all the idiotic boys seem to need.

Matusmoto knows that if she had met Kira when he was the young enthusiastic academy student things would be very different.

Last:  Since the first time they shared drink and comfort, she knew that it wasn’t going to be the last one.

Wrong: Rangiku can’t see what is that he finds so wrong in her style of wearing the shinigami uniform.

Gentle: The sun and a gentle caress on his cheek greeted him as he woke up from the nightmare.

One: “Just let me have one more cup, Kira”

Thousand: Kira is aware of the thousands of reasons why this was wrong, so he just decided not to care.

King: He watched in disbelieve as his king fell on the table for the third time in a row “Checkmate”

Learn: “Please, teach me how to love…” “When I learn how to do it myself…”

Blur: As he flashed through the chaos that was the battlefield he could feel his heart ache in fear every time he saw a blur of orange and pink on the ground.

Wait: She had spent her whole life waiting for the silver; she thinks that she can do as much for the gold.

Change: When she realized that she could see Izuru’s whole face after his new haircut Rangiku thought that all changes aren’t that bad after all.

Commands: She smiles as the feeling of pride invades her when she hears Kira shout his commands in the middle of his division’s training time.

Hold: The hold on her sword tightened with renewed determination as she saw him slash through the enemies with quick and secure moves towards the silver shines “We can do this”

Need: Rangiku surprises herself when she realizes how attached she has grown to their weekly meetings, realizes how much she needs them.

Vision: He’s been told more than once that his hair looks beautiful when the sun steals golden shines from it; they say that because they don’t know of the vision of hers dying in crimson as the sun sets.

Attention: Kira has never been keen on being the centre of attention and he decides that he isn’t keen on his hair being the centre of attention of Matsumoto and her pink ribbons either.

Soul: “Matsumoto-san…” “What is it?” “Isn’t it funny? We are soul reapers… and I feel like I don’t own a soul at all…” “Yeah… same here…”

Picture: When the young blond man popped his head into his room calling for her, Rangiku hid a picture on her pocket after giggling at said photo of the little blond kid smiling sweetly at the camera from his mother’s lap.

Fool: Izuru wishes he was fool enough to believe that he could heal the bounds of her heart one day.

Mad: Rangiku doesn’t know what she’s madder about, whether about Gin’s inexplicable attitude, her weakness or the fake smile of the blond in front of her.

Child: Rangiku hummed a song and babied the head on her lap as she watched her little child fall asleep.

Now: “Rangiku-san… didn’t you have that meeting to attend with Hitsugaya-taicho now?”

Shadow: Matsumoto knows that the shadow will follow them wherever they go; she hopes that they’ll be able to keep it at range together.

Goodbye: “I have to go now Rangiku-san. Goo--“ “Don’t. See you later” “Yeah… see ya’”

Hide: She doesn’t know how to express the joy she feels every time he moves his hair away and quits hiding from her.

Fortune: Rangiku smiles when she sees Hinamori with his captain, and knows that the fortune smiles at her too when she looks to her side.

Safe: When Kira is between her arms is when he feels safe and insecure at the same time.

Ghost: “Kira, what’s up with you? You always look like a ghost…” “And you always look like you have a ghost following you…”

Book: Rangiku has never found haiku interesting until Kira put his book between her hands.

Eye: She would give anything she has to take the sorrow away from that blue eye.

Never: Izuru made a mental note to never ever again go shopping with Rangiku and her young captain.

Sing: Kira couldn’t help but to smile when he saw Hisagi, Abarai and Matsumoto sing drunk on the table.

Sudden: Kira felt his fear rise and her body tense between his arms at the sudden burst of too well known reiatsu.

Stop: As strange as it feels this feeling to grow, Kira doesn’t want to think what would happen if it ever stopped.

Time: It’s simple, they both know that time won’t heal their wounds, so they decided to at least alleviate each other.

Wash: “Maybe at least she can be free…” he thoughts as he watches the rain wash the blood in his hands from where he can see a mess of silver and red from between his fingers, watches the rain wash the lie.

Torn: Kira regrets how torn and relieved he feels at the same time when he is her.

History: What Matsumoto regrets is having to share one of the most critical moments of Soul Society’s history with him.

Power: “Look at me and listen; your hands hold more power than what you think…”

Bother: She found out that making Izuru blush and stutter is much funnier and better than teasing and bothering Hitsugaya-taicho.

God: She never believed in god until one had taken away what she cared about most, but at least another one sent an angel to take care of the loss.

Wall: Kira knows that no matter how many times he tries to reach her there will always be a wall between them, ironically, that wall is what holds them close.

Naked: Just that knowing look of her is enough to make him feel more naked than when he has no clothes on.

Drive: He blushes when he realizes that just the feeling of her finger on his lips is enough to drive him crazy.

Harm: Matsumoto wants to think that there can’t be any harm playing around a bit; Kira knows that it will be the most harmful thing to do if it’s done for the wrong reason.

Precious: “You know, you should always cling to the precious things to you, we’ve learned that in the hard way…” “Then… don’t let go of my hand…”

Hunger: There has always been someone that has been there to feed her hunger, even if it’s in different ways and different people.

Believe: Deep inside their hearts, they both believe that it will be enough with just the two of them one day.