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Bleach manga & anime

April 16th, 2010 (04:35 pm)

Long time without updating!

But now I really have to take this out of me soooo...


-About the manga:

Gin does something at last!!
I'm quite surprised that I actually like his bankai. It's not that I didn't like his shikai, just that I didn't find it really interesting... But I kinda like his bankai, I mean, it's interesting to find someone whose bankai is faster than Ichigo's and yet it's something simple and not to extravagant, perfect (just like him! *in love* XD)

And there was at last the GinRangiku moment that I've been waiting for since so long!! Sure that it was really brief and light but at least Rangiku has aknowledged him! And now my opinion that Gin's is a bastart is reinforces. Why did you have to leave her?!! *cries* I'm waiting for the GinKira moment on the next chapter... *laughs*

And this one is from the previous chapter but... Gin calling Ichigo creepy was just... creepy? XD I laughed hard. Seriously, Ichimaru calling another person creppy with his smile on his lips? He's so cute LOL

And lastly... OMG AIZEN'S CHEST!!! *o* *nosebled* That was such a nice view, it's sad that he has that hougyoku there... but still *drools*

-About the anime

The filler is over!!! I can't wait to watch the Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra fight, though I have to say that I'll miss the zampakutos forms, especially Haineko, she was so cute ^//^

Sadly, half of the episode was a reminder of what happened in the previous ones. But I loved seeing the scene of Aizen and Orihime again. I wouldn't mind to have him next to me like that >///< And Ulquiorraaaaaaa!!! *o* He's so cool, can't wait to see the fighto!! And I loved the 'heart' scene, eventhough I have to say that I like it in the manga best, maybe because I could stay on the pages like for 5 minutes fangirling about how good he looked *laughs* I still think that the only thing that the poor guy needs is just a bit of love.

About the new opening: I love it! I think that it looks great!! But it seems a bit spoilerific to me? At least for the ones who haven't read the manga XD. I love the shoot where they show the vizards!!

And the brief fight scenes are really cool too.

And as for the ending: loved it!!! I love the ending where the characters appear with different clothes. And it looks just like them.

My favs:

Love Shuuhei and Hanataro looks soooooo cute *laughs* Too bad that just the backside of Izuru's head is shoooooooown... It's not faaaaaiiiiiiiiir >.< 

Oh god oh god, did you see Gin and Aizen? *nosebled*

This is just perfect! I Nanao looks so cute *laughs* But seriously I love Shunsui/Nanao, Shunsui/Lisa and Lisa/Nanao so I kind of screamed when I saw it XD I want to see one of this with Gin/Rangik/Izuru >////< And poor shiro back there *laughs*

Just one word: Adorable

And Uryuu looks just so handsome

And to finish, doesn't he remind you of Naruto somehow? XD

That's all!!!!