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Glee in Spain

June 4th, 2010 (03:35 pm)
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Amber Riley and Chris Colfer are coming to Spain and I feel like crying so bad right now!!! >.<

I've just read that they'll be in Madrid the 10th of  june and fox is holding a prize draw to go to see them. And I can't even participate because that same day I have this important exams that will like settle my future *sob* How fair is that? *whines*

Chris is my fav actor of the whole cast (followed really close by Jane Lynch), he makes me love Kurt's character. I mean, the character itself is great but I think that the way the actor interprets it makes him awesome. And Amber's singing is one of my favs of them.

And I can't even get in the draw because of the stupid exams!!! Gaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! I know that I don't have much chances of winning but yet... >.< I feel something in between like crying, anger and depression -_-

(plus some unfinished sketches that I haven't scanned)

*goes of to sulk and study*